It’s Jeely Piece Week!

It’s British Sandwich Week - a week-long celebration of our ultimate food-to-go.

The modern sandwich is attributed to Lord John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich a gambler who didn’t have time to have a meal and he apparently started it all off by ordering slices of meat between bread.

In the UK we munch 11.5 billion sandwiches each year which if laid end to end would go around the world about 44 times!

It’s not always the healthiest item in our Scottish diet but we all enjoy our bacon butties (or a veggie substitute as it’s National Vegetarian Week) but it’s probably now made with  granary bread. There’s still likely to be a breakfast table debate going on for brown sauce vs ketchup though.

It’s in the distant past now when there only seemed to be plain and pan bread in the shops and we were fighting with our siblings for the "heely" end bits. Now sandwiches have their own Sammies Awards, Associations, websites and PR teams!

In Scotland, our humble sarnie or “piece” has evolved from a simple sandwich or packed lunch to  the healthy, versatile culinary delight we have today. From the bread to the filling, the choices are incredible and now include vegan and veggie, gluten-free or even  a “naked” version – without the bread!

We’d love to hear about your favourite sandwich recipes at

Are you a lover of homemade raspberry jam or do you experiment with weird but maybe wonderful options like cornflakes and chocolate spread or Marmite and crisps?


Healthy Food Swaps

Many of us eat lunch out and about, whether it's from a sandwich shop, cafe, supermarket, or the work canteen. The right choices can ensure your lunch is healthier. Remember, if you make your own lunch, you know exactly what's in your lunchbox – and you can save money. NHS Choices has great information and options for healthier food swaps


The Jeely Piece Song

With the towering highrise blocks of the 60’s mostly razed to the ground in those spectacular demolitions seen on TV, it’s unlikely children today will be heard singing “ye cannae fling focaccias oot a 20 story flat.”

So  just in case you can’t remember the words of the Jeely Piece Song here they are.

Oh ye cannae fling pieces oot a twenty story flat,
Seven hundred hungry weans will testify to that.
If it's butter, cheese or jeely, if the breid is plain or pan,
The odds against it reaching earth are ninety-nine tae wan.


Cheese, Pepper and Basil Open Sandwich

Why not check out this yummy sandwich recipe (pictured) from the British Heart Foundation website?