Interiors and DIY this spring

DIY pic

Breathe a sigh of relief – you’ve made it through the dark, cold nights and survived the freezing temperatures but have our homes done the same?  It’s no surprise that by the time the spring arrives, our homes are also in need of a little TLC or a spruce up.

Take a look at our tips and inspiration for putting the sunshine back into your home this spring.

Soft furnishings

An easy way to update the look of a room without having to redecorate is to invest in some new soft furnishings.  Cushions, curtains, throws and rugs are great way to inject some colour and can transform a room in an instant.  Be sure to choose colours that match your décor, but have a play around with bright and bold contrasting colours that can really smarten and personalise a room.

Get busy with the paint

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and fancy re painting then there are some great options on the market.  Paint ranges now come in so many different colours and types you really can find pretty much any colour.  Head down to your local DIY store and pick up colour charts, booklets and tester pots which are a fantastic way of getting some inspiration before you make the choice.   And remember, when trying out a tester pot, try to paint a large area to get a real feel for the colour and paint two areas; one near natural daylight and one away from daylight so you can get a good idea of the colour in various lights.

Storage solutions

Christmas items, paperwork, stationary, photographs; we all seem to inherit lots of clutter as the seasons pass.  It can be difficult to make enough room to store everything, so why not make a feature out of storage boxes on a shelf?  Find a spare wall, fix up a shelf and add interesting boxes such as wicker, wood, ceramic and paper to house all your bits and bobs.              

Create a photo wall

Precious family photographs needn’t be hidden away in a photo album and can be displayed very effectively in a wall photo gallery. Group all the frames together with small gaps in between and display them on a spare wall or going up the stairs.  Simple black or white frames match any scheme or you could even pick up mis-matched ones from charity shops for a quirky, rustic look.

Clear the guttering

Over the harsh winter, leaves, moss and debris can clog up the exterior guttering around the house causing issues with drainage.  Leaking pipes, broken brackets or loose screws can all cause drainage problems.  The safest way to remedy this issue is the have them regularly checked by the professionals who can clear out any blockages, inspect for any damage and fix any issues.

Tidy the exterior

We often worry about the inside of our homes and forget how it looks on the outside or improving kerb appeal as it’s usually known as.  Regular sweeping outside, a new front door mat, hanging baskets and painting the rendering or front door are all great ways to smarten up the outside.

Beautify your bedroom

A calm and peaceful bedroom can aid relaxation and sleep.  Consider your wardrobe and storage solutions for all those clothes and shoes.  Maybe it’s time for a new bed with plenty of under bed storage? Or perhaps some new bed linen, cushions and curtains which can make all the difference for a calm, relaxing environment.

Kitchen chaos

Re organising your kitchen and making a few improvements can really help improve functionality for one of the busiest rooms in the house. Have a sort out of the cupboards and throw away any out-of-date foods and clean up any spillages.  A fresh coat of paint, new cupboard handles and some new dining furniture are good ways of updating the kitchen without having to start all over again.  Add finishing touches like some new colourful tea and coffee canisters or a new kitchen blind to add a pop of colour.