Home Health Monitoring



Home Health Monitoring can help you achieve independence and gain a little control over your health conditions at home. Using Home Health Monitoring, you can collect your own information about your health, such as your current blood pressure, how much you weigh and your blood glucose levels.  And as a result, you are in control of your own information.

If you know about the changes in your body, it can be helpful in more ways than one!  By checking indicators like your blood pressure and other health factors at home, you become more knowledgeable about what the results mean can mean for you. Armed with this, you can become a lot more comfortable and confident managing your health condition.

The information you choose to collect can be shared electronically between you and your health or care professional, and all from the comfort of your own home. Monitoring technology can share any information you wish; they can pick up on any issues quickly, and have a much more complete picture of how you manage day to day at home.

Why is this technology helpful?

  • Easy way to record information digitally, there’s no need for a pen and paper.
  • Health or care professionals can track your progress and results on a regular basis, and the healthcare team can then adjust treatments as required.
  • You can keep track of the changes in your body and display results through graphs and charts which make it easier to understand.
  • You can share information with other people, such as your health or care professional and a close relative
  • It can offer a sense of security by knowing that you are closely monitored at all times.
  • In the longer term, this technology can provide guidance, helping you learn to live with your condition.
  • As you are a key part of communicating your readings, and through certain systems, you can educate yourself about your condition and develop strategies for dealing with the impact it may have.

Home health monitoring (sometimes called Telehealth) is usually offered to people living with a long-term condition such as Diabetes or COPD